FOR DECADES, I have produced marketing images and film (and rollout and text) for many of the world's finest clients; from Cartier and Revlon to American Express and ABC Television.  

The dedication and passion has always been to use those creative elements to generate traffic, appeal and ultimately revenue for my clients.  I am a firm believer in the adage "it's not creative unless it sells."  Consequently, this is not art for art's sake; to the contrary, I am the ultimate pragmatist; and this is art for revenue's sake.  The interesting dichotomy, however, is that for me, the driver must always be the creative.  It is only the dedication to the creative (to creating beauty be it in word or the visual) that somehow generates financial rewards almost as a byproduct.  I have done the same thing for major networks from NBC and ABC to my current position as Content Producer for programming running on PBS.

A personal love has also been the photographing of individuals, couples and families.  There are few things more fulfilling than seeing the expressions on their faces when they are captured photographically in a way that they just love in a way that they have always wanted to be seen.

Gary Bernstein
Beverly Hills 2018


Gary Bernstein Studio
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